Today’s #dailyponderance is to think. Unplugged. No media. Offline or of any other sign generating capability.

I like this topic. I find myself caught up in my own head (offline) thinking quite a bit throughout the day. So I thought I would reflect on that, and share- online. So maybe you’re wondering “What is she thinking about?”

It’s always something isn’t it? Here is what has been consuming my brain- I am in my cousin’s wedding September 1st. I am expecting my first baby (a boy) a few weeks after that. Then, October 20th, my sister is getting married and finally, shortly after that, November 10th I am in a friend’s wedding.

Yes, 3 weddings and a baby this fall. Not to mention this is the last class of my master’s degree and I will not be returning to work come the start of this school year. So there is a lot to be thinking about….

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