As educators engaged in digital teaching and learning we know learning gets reinforced through multiple exposures across multiple modes. For today’s #dailyponderance record a microcast–a short audio recording.

So, I wasn’t sure how to record my own microcast, or even what to really speak of, or who to speak to…so I took sometime to listen… and thought I’d reflect on what I heard and how it connects to my professional setting….

Jason Brown talks about how technology has transformed the way we work and communicate with each other over the years, and asks “Are we using this technology in schools?”

He discusses the problems with technology in educational settings: most kids are being taught things they already know in computer classes, shared expenses and distractions.

He goes on to discuss how to use technology to make education better. The statistical growth of children with access to devices and teachers using technology to plan lessons are both foundations of this concept. Textbook information is outdated compared to what is available by using online resources. Accessing these resources such as Skype, videos, news coverage, etc. makes students feel engaged in the content.

I completely agree with Jason Brown (my favorite quotes from his talk are below). I think based on the direction in which society is moving, if we as teachers are not using technology in our classrooms and allowing students to use it, than we are holding them back. We shouldn’t fear the use of technology because of cost or distractions because at the end of the day I believe the pros will out weigh the cons.

“30 years ago students could only gain information by asking local people or maybe reading books”- So true! Yet, so not effective today!

“Technology saves the trees”- I know as a teacher how frustrating it is to feel overwhelmed with making copies and the amount of paper coming and going throughout the day. Students are less likely to lose their device, yet more likely to lose their homework packet.

Here is the video if you would like to check it out:

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