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I would like to reflect on my learning experience during this course. During my first two years of teaching a self-contained classroom of students with ED in middle school I did not have much access to technology. Our resources are very limited (no personal laptops, ipads or smartboard in the classroom). We have three desktop computers, for two staff members and ten students. I am explaining all this in detail to paint a picture of what I am used to in regards to using technology in the classroom.

This course has taken me out of my comfort zone and exposed to me to the variety of open education resources available. During this course I have used new mediums I did not know existed and was introduced to videos and reading material focused on the importance of incorporating technology into the classroom. I never blogged before, during these last few weeks I found myself wondering if anyone was reading my material, and if they found it interesting or was connecting with my perspective. I found what I love about blogging is the freedom of speech! I do not feel pressured by things like using APA format or meeting a page requirement like most typical college courses.

I learned that I do not haft to feel isolated based on my classroom demographics, a lot of schools face the same difficulties as I have mentioned, and that were mentioned in the reading assignments, such as: limited resources, limited funds, behavior problems, lack of training on how to use specific forms of technology.

As educators, we know that perseverance is part of learning. During the three weeks of this course it took a lot of perseverance to figure things out, get acquainted with all the new sites I was using and manage the work load. The concept of “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” was certainly reinforced these last few weeks. I reached out several times for help to the professor, my classmates and tech support in regards to various confusions.

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  1. Glad you stuck it out with us. This class took me outside my comfort zone too. EDU521, and 522 were my first 2 classes towards my Masters degree. There have been occasions in which I felt over my head, but I’ve been lucky to be along side some very supportive peers. I hope I continue to enroll in courses that have these types of supportive learning environments.

    Congratulations on finishing, and all the other exciting things coming up in your life!

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