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Define Pedagogy- To me, Pedagogy is another, less commonly used, word for teaching. It is the method/delivery of instruction to others, the way in which a teacher will present new information in order for others to access it, manipulate it and learn from it.

Define Open- My definition of open consists of being honest, having access to, not being closed, its also involves having freedom, flexibility and the willingness to accept something new.

Define Open Pedagogy- I would define Open Pedagogy as the perfect combination of the two terms above. That’s exactly what it is… teaching/ instruction that is flexible, has freedom (in the sense that it does not need to be boxed in to a specific curriculum or syllabus) and anyone can have access to the content.

If it ain’t a good fit for you say so- In my first posting (Mod 1 venn diagram) I mentioned how Open Pedagogy was a new term to me, but not a new concept. I say this because I feel like I have been practicing Open Pedagogy (in a form) for the last two years of my teaching career. I have shared resources, collaborated with colleagues, and allowed my students to have say in determining course content and learning objectives (to a certain degree). As you can tell, the concept is not new, I just wasn’t aware there was a specific term for what I was doing, along with the amount of research and literature that comes with it. In contrast, I do still believe that certain populations (such as young children or special education students) still require a given amount of structure and guidelines to their education. Sometimes we just need to lay down set expectations and rules for some. Therefore I do believe that complete Open Pedagogy may not be the most suitable for everyone. I kind of think the term “Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile” can be applicable to some situations here.

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