Mod 1- Quote

Quote about the benefits of Open Pedagogy long before the web ever was: “The traditional science lecture, where an instructor delivers a carefully crafted monolog to a large audience of students who passively receive the information, has been a popular mode of instruction for centuries. Recent evidence on the science of teaching and learning indicates that learner-centered, active teaching strategies can be more effective learning tools than traditional lectures.” – Barbara Lom

Quote from someone in the Open Pedagogy community: “Education is a learner driven process” – Robin DeRosa

Remix the quotes together into something cool:

Image result for bored vs fun class

I found this picture and thought it was a perfect mix of the two quotes. Imagine lecturing phonics to your young students, they are bored. Now, imagine setting up a game like displayed in this picture and allowing students to drive the lesson- they have the freedom to come up with their own words that meet the criteria and will be having a lot more fun, while engaged in the learning process.


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