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What does open mean to you?

To me, open means being available, it also means being honest, easy to access. When I imagine the would open I associate it with things being easy, just as simple as an open door, open arms, open conversation. In regards to resources, my thoughts remain the same…open educational resources certainly make my job as a teacher easier, open resources give me more availability and flexibility when presenting content to my classroom (especially in a private setting where there is a shortage of curriculum and us teachers are left to fill in the gaps). Open educational resources has impacted my practice and my students, my only constructive criticism is that they would be a little easier to find. I know sometimes I could spend hours surfing the web for the appropriate thing, weather that be a lesson plan, a template, reading or activity to do with my class.

What is the role of privacy in a networked society?

I haven’t had much experience with the networked society (no social media accounts, etc) but I would assume that the role of privacy is something people rely on being there. People may use network society to voice opinions, vent, or express themselves in ways that they would not want to cross personal/professional boundaries. It is my inexperienced reasoning that I would think: If you don’t want someone to see it, don’t put it in writing, especially on the internet. But, those with my experience than I with networking may know how to navigate so there information remains private. I am looking forward to reading what others say about this topic.

Have you ever had a situation of collapsing contexts?

As far as “collapsing contexts” is concerned, I actually had to google what that means, this is what came up: “Context collapse is a concept used by academics writing about the effects of social media and the contexts they give rise to. The term refers to the audiences possible online as opposed to limited groups we normally interact with in face-to-face interactions“. So no, I have not been in a situation like this because I have no experience with social media networking. I am relieved that as a teacher I have not been in a situation where my privacy has been invaded. I imagine it would be very difficult to face colleagues, parents and students if something embarrassing or unprofessional¬† was to be broadcasted online for all to see.

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