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Tweetable quotes from the readings:

“Sometimes I need a mind/body break. I need to be alone, I need to be in my head, and I need to stim. I stim by flapping my arms and clapping my hands while pacing. Stimming is a necessary part of sensory regulation. Stimming helps keep me below meltdown threshold.”

“Please, never force eye contact. It is counter-productive, at best, and can cause physical pain.”

Burnout can happen to anyone at any age, because of the expectation to look neurotypical, to not stim, to be as non-autistic as possible. Being something that neurologically you are not is exhausting.


My version for the future of digital teaching and Learning:

Before I was a teacher, I was a college student and a waitress. I used to take orders at the table, write them down on a pad of paper, then haft to go back to the computer to put them in, which sends the order to the kitchen. Often times I would get back to the computer and there would be a wait because another waitress was putting an order in, or I would forget to write something down or ask a question like what kind of dressing they want. I couldn’t help but think how much easier and time efficient this job would be if waitresses had iPads, and every time they go to take an order at the table they would put it right into the ipad and send it to the kitchen that say. Waitresses could check over the order at the table while she is still with the customers, and they would know their order has been sent. Now that is has been several years since I waitressed, I have noticed some establishments using this concept. It was like a vision of mine came true (apparently others had the same vision lol).

As far as the future of digital teaching and learning is concerned… I see almost everything being done using devices; I see this becoming the norm for every school, not just the wealthy ones. I see teachers getting assignments submitted online and not having to carry home papers, or fill file folders with completed work for progress monitoring. I see white boards being replaced with smartboards. A lot of these things are already in place in most schools; however, based on my particular classroom, this is not something I am accustomed to yet. I don’t necessarily envision this, but certainly wonder…at some point are students not going to learn handwriting?

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