Mod 5


Strategies I used while reading: Going into these readings, I looked ahead at what the expectations were for this module. I never heard of “badges”, had no clue what they’re about, so I was defiantly on the lookout for that information. Moving forward, I made sure my mind was open to a new concept; I did not try to associate this concept with a hypothesis. The meaning of badges wasn’t made clear at the beginning of the reading, so I had to continue to gather information while piecing it together in order to develop an understanding slowly throughout the article.


What should we measure? We should measure the quality of what we are doing, I feel strongly about this. Now, how it is measured is very subjective. I recently took a school leadership course as an elective, and we learned all about different types of research. Qualitative research was by far the most difficult to study. The problems lie within how quality is being measured and how to rule out bias and/or personal opinions when collecting data.

Are badges stupid? In my opinion, I wouldn’t necessarily call badges “stupid”, I think they are a valid concept, I just think that there is the potential this concept won’t last. For reasons such as: people do not know what they are or what they mean, eventually we may find another way to measure value of credentials, or the potential to lose the funding that it takes to carry out the badges’ processes (for example the people who work in this department, conduct research and give out badges).

Can we gamify learning? Well, yes of course we can gamify learning, just as anything can be gamified, but should we? I say no. Learning should not be viewed as a competition, especially at a young age. Yes, children are more engaged when they feel a sense of competition or the need to win, but that can be cause for a ton of emotional issues and a negative outlook on education in the long run.

Does assessment ruin learning? I would say, it depends on who you are asking. If you are asking a teacher, they would probably say no, that assessments evaluate learning. If you were asking a student, they may say yes, due to anxiety or simply not being aware of the fact that learning is evaluated through assessment data.

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